Flood Protection and Prevention - Education for Public Administration Representatives

Education for Public Administration Representatives and other parties realising the state programme for environmental education in the area of flood protection and prevention in Prague.

In 1997 and 2002 our country was hit by catastrophic floods that had far-reaching consequences for the neighbouring countries, in particular Germany. After the catastrophes subsided a number of measures were taken on in the area of crisis management, general flood protection in addition changes in the area of zoning are also being considered. So far most of these activities are controlled and financed at the level of the government and the ministries, despite the fact that successful flood management concerns all levels of administration. Thus it brings about an apparent solution only at the level of the central organs at the expense of local government activities, which often do not have enough information, technical background nor financial resources.

The project is aimed at flood protection in urban areas through cooperation and providing aid to public administration workers, especially in the territory of Prague and some locally governed municipalities. The project focuses on educational and learning tools (publications, seminars and excursions) aimed at flood protection in urbanised territories and tools for successful management. Among other things the project provides examples of good practice and the transfer of know-how from Germany.

The information and abilities that the majority of the local government workers lack at present are:

  1. Information on combined and sustainable anti-flood measures on water courses and in their surroundings (especially in urbanised parts of towns),
  2. Information on successful and unsuccessful examples realised in the CR and abroad,
  3. The ability to make decisions on the best functional usage of flood lands on the basis of the available information (especially in the course of building permission proceedings and when forming zoning plans),
  4. The ability to propose and realise combined, sustainable anti-flood measures
  5. The ability to understand a flood as a necessary natural phenomenon which, to a certain degree, must be accommodated.

The key activity is forming a publication on the possibilities for realising flood protection in urbanised territories with the aim of securing better quality environmental education in this area. In the project’s framework two educational seminars will be organised with international participation and an excursion to Germany will be arranged.

Researchers IREAS - The Institute for Structural Policy, p.b.c., Michaela Valentová (IEP)

Financed by JPD3

Duration 2006-2007


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Tento projekt je spolufinancován Evropským sociálním fondem, státním rozpočtem ČR a rozpočtem hlavního města Prahy.