Car-sharing - a way of lowering the number of cars in towns

The Institute for Environmental Policy presented a new topic for sustainable transport in towns in the CR. At the end of 2005 work began on a project to explain car-sharing as a way to use cars intelligently and which enables a quality offer of a wide range of mobility to be kept whilst lowering the number of car kilometres travelled and also the number of cars parked in the streets.

Car-sharing works through a system of sharing cars among the registered members in a given locality, who have access to vehicles, the participants pay a fee for using the vehicles and a rate for the kilometres travelled. This system has been successfully introduced by firms in Germany, Holland, Belgium, Great Britain and a number of other countries. In cooperation with the Prague City Hall and under the auspices of the councillor for the environment, Miloše Gregar, the IEP organised a seminar on this theme with the participation of Jan Borghuis from abroad, who outlined the work of the largest Dutch provider of the car-sharing service - Greenwheels.

Thanks to the subsequent support of a grant from the Kingdom of the Netherlands a publication on car-sharing was published in autumn 2006, including the rights and translation, and a seminar was organised (Feb. 2007) presenting the experiences from those providing car-sharing services using the example of the Hanseatic town of Bremen and presenting good practice from towns that have put car-sharing in their offer of transport services. A leaflet was also published on the theme of car-sharing.

Researcher Michaela Valentová

Financed by: Ambassade van het Koninkrijk der Nederlanden (The Royal Netherlands Embassy) - MATRA/KAP programme, City of Prague, The Telecom Small Donations Fund, EKOBUS, Inc.

Duration 2005 – 2007