Krásná Lípa

krasnalipafoto krásná_lípa_znak Population:                3 644

Area (km2):                31,39


Latitude (North):       50° 54' 48"

Longitude (East):      14° 30' 32"

Altitude (m):               426

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About Krásná Lípa

The small town is situated on the border of Preserved landscape areas Labské sandstones and Lužické mountains.of Preserved landscape areas Labské sandstones and Lužické mountains. The first mentions of the settlement date back to the 14th century. Unttil 1614 Krásná Lípa belonged to Tolštejn´s manor and then it was added to Kamenice´s manor. The inhabitants were mainly making the linen for living, in 1731 the first workshop for yarn was found. Other artisan´s workshops started up and the town became the important centre of textile production and trade. Also the construction of the railway in 1869 contributed to the development of the town. In the end of Worl War II. many houses were destroyed, including some interesting buildings, but still the town kept the monumental sense. In the town you can find many baroque and classical houses with decorated  portaly and also the buildings from the neorenaissance. There are lots of timbered houses or houses paneled with wood with a base. One of them is right in the square and comes from 1729. Many of the local houses are monumentally protected. Krásná Lípa is also an administrative seat of the National park Bohemian Switzerland.


















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