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The Principal Aim

The principal aim of project is qualification development staff of public government, non-governmental organisation and staff of school in sustainable developmen in The Usti region. They will be trained in writing projects and monitoring indicators.


 The aim of the project is to educate and develop the qualifications of public administration workers, educational and information institutions and non-government non-profit organisations from the Ústí Region in the area of strategic planning and assessing sustainable development at the local and regional level.

The project is loosely tied in with processing the Sustainable Development Strategy of the Ústí Region, which was approved in 2005, and forms the conditions for fulfilling it in practice. Since the strategy is only a framework and possibilities, it does not, in itself, guarantee changes for the better. The project’s target groups are villages, towns, microregions and primary schools located in the Ústí Region. During the project a number of seminars and training courses will take place that will be available for interested parties from non-governmental non-profit organisations (NNO), villages, towns and microregions in the Ústí Region. For the environmental education guarantors from primary schools a training course has been prepared on the theme of primary schools’ ecological footprints and environmental audits.

In 2006 the IEP struck up partnerships with the towns Litoměřice, Bílina and Krásná Lípa – three of the five partnership towns that are starting to measure the sustainable development indicators corresponding to the standard of living in the town and the state of the environment in relation to the town council’s decisions. These towns are also starting to develop Local Agenda 21 projects. The aim is to actively involve citizens in decision making about the towns’ future, discussions on improving the lives of their inhabitants and the state of the environment in the locality.


Project is cofinanced by European Social Fund and by State budget of the Czech Republic


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